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I found a video of the scene from filming last night. 

The Doctor and Clara.

You can make out most the dialogue too!

Strictly Come Doctor! Matt Smith shows off his moves as he continues filming new series alongside Jenna-Louise Coleman


At the end of last month, viewers watched as Doctor Who bid farewell to Amy Pond, but life clearly does go on.

Matt Smith was spotted filming the latest series of the BBC1 show on Tuesday and certainly looked in good spirits as he danced in between takes.

Of course, the Time Lord was not on his own and was joined on the shoot in Cardiff, Wales, by his new sidekick Jenna-Louise Coleman.



Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman filming Doctor Who in Cardiff yesterday!


Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman filming Doctor Who in Cardiff yesterday!

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Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman filming Doctor Who in Cardiff yesterday! 10/9/2012

Note: I guess the TARDIS doesn’t like rain too much. Good on you for covering her up, Doctor.

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more DW filming gather up.


You all asked and I gave. More filming progress!

Same episode: 7b episode 1. (title still to be announced)

First scene:

  • At one point during the day The Doctor was shouting “Clara, Clara!” in an alarmed manner at her front door, sonic-ing it.
  • The Doctor runs to the door again calling to Clara and there’s still no answer, but he can see something through the door so he sonics it open. Then he rushes in calling her name, she’s lying on the floor and he scans her with the sonic.
  • That creepy little girl was there, running her hand along the banister, before pausing on one of the lower steps.

Next scene:

Starts with Clara leaning out of the house’s attic window and calling to The Doctor. She can’t remember having gone to bed and asks what’s happened. The Doctor - who is by the Tardis, on the netbook - launches into a dialogue about different phone calls and the ‘household tasks’ he’s been doing. 

Dialogue: (it may not be perfect but its what it sounded like.)

CLARA: Hello? 
The Doctor looks up. He stands, putting the netbook on the chair. 
DOCTOR: Hello! Are you feeling better?
CLARA: I’m in bed.
CLARA: I don’t remember going.
CLARA: What happened? 

(He then takes out a paper reading off all the things he did for her while she was asleep.)

CLARA: What happened?
DOCTOR: Goodnight Clara. 

(Clara withdraws to her bedroom, closing the window. A few moments later she bursts back out of the window.)

CLARA: Are you guarding me?
DOCTOR: Well yes, yes I am.
CLARA: Are you seriously going to sit down there all night?
DOCTOR: Yes I promise, I won’t budge from this spot.
CLARA: Well then, I’ll have to come to you! 

(She then decides to join him outside. which is possibly where they then sit for tea time together.)


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